This is the perfect opportunity to make your party the most exciting ever!

What we do is provide staff and materials which will keep the kids entertained. We offer activities that comply to all their interests.


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Birthday Parties

Our agency also provides entertainment for birthday parties, first communions, weddings, street parties and lots of other types of parties. We offer various sets of activites depending on the type of event and the requests that we receive.

Every entertainment set include these activities:

  • Face Painting & Ballon Art
  • Music & Games
  • Games

We can then expand and personalise our services depending on the different needs and interests suitable to the age of the child.

Up to 10 years of age

We organise themed parties launching the kids into special settings. They will be able to take part in treasure hunts, team games and role play.

Our parties:

  • Zoo Parties
  • Cowboys and Indians
  • Superheroes and princesses
  • Pirates
  • Horror Parties

From 12 to 18 years old

Here we have kids that are in their full stage of development. For this reason, we propose to organise activites that fulfill all their ever changing interests. We know that at this age, kids want to feel older than they actually are and we try to comply to these desires.

What we propose:

  • Disco Parties
  • Karaoke
  • Treasure hunts
  • Interactive Quiz Games
  • Wii Party

Cerimonies and Events

Children need particular attention during ceremonies, such as during weddings, christenings or first communions.

We aim to ensure complete fun for children and allow their parents to enjoy the celebration as well, both before and after the meals.

The activities we offer are:

  • Art attack and craftwork
  • Face Painting & Ballon Art
  • Giochi d’animazione
  • Musica & Dance
  • Animeted Story Telling

We also recommend a table only for the kids, that way they are free to move about and play. Also allowing for the entertainers to keep an eye on them during the meals.

“Let the kids being happy their way,

there is no better way”

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