At a certain age, a person who has lived a life full of satisfaction, sits back and takes stock. This is what Living a Flashback is for Your Friends Entertainment. A look back on the recent past and treasuring it for the future.

The best thing is that every season this presence revitalises itself. Every year the emotions, the thrills, the games, the fun all regenerate throughout the summer. These sensations are then all concentrated and compacted into an intense evening.

What the season encases the Living tells…

Living a Flashback is, for our staff, an opportunity to embrace all those who shared this work experience.

It’s not just a work experience, however, it’s a real adventure of professionalism and of growth. So a few weeks after the season ends, to all the guests that we have met, we invite them to join and support us in this grand event.

For them it is a true flash from the past (a proper flashback), where they can meet, again, all the entertainers that made their holiday unforgettably special.

An emotion to be lived all in one breath

It all comes together in one evening, a magical evening. An evening where every last detail has been carefully studied and planned. An evening where the YF AWARDS are handed out to the entertainers that earned them. An evening where every equipe gets the chance to show their “best of the season”.

On Saturday 12nd of October, the 16th edition of Living a Flashback will take place. As per usual the YF AWARDS will be presented to those entertainers that stood out during the summer of 2019.

Every year this event hosts more than 500 people. Those invited are all the entertainers that have worked during the season, all the guests from every tourist facility plus the owners and/or management from the facilites. So basically, the invitation goes out to everyone, without discrimination. An evening that aims to relive the emotions, the excitement and the memories of a recent holiday.

The Evening

Starting at 8:30pm the show will alternate between the performances by the staff from every tourist facility and the presentation of theYF AWARDS.

The party starts with Happy Hour at the restaurant in from of the big marquee at 6:30 pm. Like every year the kermesse will take place at Camping Village Pappasole, Riotorto (LI).

It’s free admittance to the event and for those who would like to stay at the village, beds are avaliable at reasonable prices. For more information, call 0565 20414.

The end of the season, the beginning of something special…

Living a Flashback is a suitable ending to a season of entertainment. In a single evening we can see the fruits from the commitment, the passion, the expertise and the professionalism of all the Your Friends staff, to which without the underlying contributions of warmth, compassion and applause from everyone, would not be achievable.

Therefore, we look forward to seeing you at Living a Flashback 2019. An amazing adventure to savour all in one evening. An evening as long as a season.

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