It’s a well known fact that the most distinctive feature of a tourist facility entertainer is their uniform. What they wear during the course of their activity, from their t-shirts to their shorts. That’s what makes them stand out within the crowd.

Over the years, through experience and direct contact with the public, we have come to understand the importance of holiday memories for our guests. That’s why Your Friends Merchandising began. We have put on the market a series of gadgets that are used or worn by the entertainers whilst working.

We have a whole range of memories that can be used in everyday life, allowing the summer to become a true state of mind.

“Even if is the last one, remember who you are

in front of for a great memory, always inside you”

Your Friends Group

Via dell'Artigianato, 745 – 58022 Follonica (GR)
tel: +39 0566 56701
mail: info@yfgroup.it

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