In order to achieve an excellent outcome of the services provided, it is fundamentally important that all the various staff members are knowledgeable in their role within the tourist facility. Therefore Your Friends’ primary objective during the preparation procedure for the upcoming work season is a complete training course. This program covers all aspects of each job title, leaving the staff with no shadows or questions of doubt.

The in-house training, is based on the design, preparation and the subsequent fulfillment of the Your Friends Project. For those who appear eligible for a job after the selection process, will be invited to take part in the training course for entertainers. They will be able to show their skills throughout the training program. At the end of the course, the candidates will be assigned their position for the upcoming summer season.


Where the 2019 Course takes place

For 2019 the Your Friends Project will be held at Pappasole Camping Village. Here is how it will be organised:

 From the 24th to the 29nd of April::

New Friends class, for all those who will be joining the Your Friends world and are exposed to the world of entertainment for the first time.

From the 28th April to the 6th of May:

Entertainment Supervisor class.

During their stay, the trainees must learn all the fundamentals for every activity that takes place within a tour facility. This will allow them to obtain a broader outlook as opposed to focusing on a single role.

From the 2nd to the 6th of May:

Old Friends class , title given to all those who have sucessfully completed a summer season with Your Friends.

What will happen?

An intensive 5 day course where the trainees will learn about all the issues that characterise the entertainment world. The course includes both practical and theoretical lesson and their realization “in the field”.

To ensure that the training course is focused, efficient and useful in all intents and purposes, it is divided into 4 macro areas:

  • Mini Club,
  • Relations and Tournaments
  • Fitness and Dance,
  • Technicians and DJ
  • Entertainment Supervisor class

At the end of this period, everyone who participated will take part in a scene of the final show. Their part will depend on their aptitudes and future job prospectives.

General Informations

Your Friends would like to point out that the training program is FREE. Our company does not intend to make a profit from certain ventures. The trainees who have been invited to participate, only have to cover their travel to and from the stage training and room and board within the tourist facility. These are costs that Your Friends won’t be burdened with, to avoid the risk that some people come only with the intention to have a free holiday. We would like to emphasise that these costs are at a minimum, due to the collaboration between Your Friends and the hosting facility.

The beginning of a great adventure

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