This area of the website is dedicated to all the musics and songs created by YOUR FRIENDS.
The Boss of YOUR FRIENDS, Andrea Alberati, had a strong belief: creating a compilation of home – made songs that could combine the campsite’s necessities to a high quality product. The path to create the CDs started in 2012 with the creation of brand new Mini Disco songs and Social Dances. They were all written, arranged and producted by Ivan Lacatena, a professional dj and musician and Stefano Fiore, the historical YF voice.

All the people connected to YF also gave their strong help to the project. The first CD was edited in 2013(YF Compilation Vol.1). Considering the fact that the songs are a good memory about the past, we are also on iTunes, Shazam and Spotify, so that the connection between us and our guests is potentially never ending. It’s important to remember the big help and support of three professional societies that cooperate with us every year: the recording Studio First Line (situated in Follonica), the publishing houses DVS and DI Più. Thanks to our foreign animators coming from all over Europe we had the possibility to create a real Inter-national compilation with songs in Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French.

Because we do believe in the fact that a song can generate feelings that nothing else can do!

“We don’t have anything else,

we can just thank you and give you a song”

Your Friends Group

Via dell'Artigianato, 745 – 58022 Follonica (GR)
tel: +39 0566 56701
mail: info@yfgroup.it

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