When you decide to make your passion your career, the first thing you plan is to create a product that is both recognisable and unique within its sector. Our company from the get go has had 2 important characteristics:

  • Simplify the consumer’s life, by guaranteeing total enjoyment in all aspects of the product;
  • Ensuring not only a useful experience but also one that is thrilling to the highest degree.

This is why the need to build not only a company but also a small yet grand YF world. It is offered to our clients and guests once they have arrived within the tourist facility or have taken part in an event.

What exactly does the YF World consist of?

It’s a set of products that each in itself help to ease and improve the guest’s stay within the tourist facilty. They comply with every demand even the most hidden ones of the guests and of the clients too.

The Comunication

A good entertainer has to know how to communicate what is happening inside a holiday resort and most of the time the information becomes the key factor for a good involvment in all the activities that make a holiday alive. This is a need to which we try to answer by offering guests and customers communication methods that inform in the details the activities proposed in the structure, such as:


  • Flyer: 4 faces folders that are delivered to guests and within which is shown the daily and evening animation program day by day, specifying the age, location and time.


  • Notice board: large format reproduction of paper flyers placed in the most strategic and transit points of the entire structure.


  • Mobile Application: available from 2016, our first smartphone app was born from the need of the guest to be kept informed at any time using the new technologies that are taking more and more steps in the life of the everybody. This is a communication useful both for those on holiday and the structures themselfs, that will have in the app a customized page entirely dedicated to them.


The Merchandising

A holiday memory witch will always be with you.

This is the true meaning of the set of products that are on sale. They are products that are used by the entertainers within the facility and that distinguish them from the guests.

From the uniforms worn by the entertainers to the YF music that they dance to, there are loads of gadgets to buy. They change every year and can be slipped into your suitcase and treasured as an unforgettable memory.



Your Friends Group

Via dell'Artigianato, 745 – 58022 Follonica (GR)
tel: +39 0566 56701
mail: info@yfgroup.it

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